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Web Site Design Contest

Building a Student Portal by Students, for Students

High School students interested in channeling their design talents now have an opportunity to redesign the Departmentís ďstudent-centeredĒ Web portal, housed on the Florida Department of Educationís Web site. The competition will showcase the extraordinary talents of Floridaís students, while encouraging them to hone their innovative ideas toward improving the availability of student information. The contest is open to any career and technical education (CTE) student who is enrolled in one or more of the CTE courses that prepares students for a career in Information Technology (IT), Multimedia, Web Page Design, and/or Digital Design (Media).

The Department of Education is eager to hear from students regarding the Departmentís existing student-focused Web site. Contest participants should aim to create a Web site template that includes the information presently highlighted on the Departmentís existing student-focused page in addition to any new or creative elements they feel are missing. This is a wonderful opportunity for Floridaís students to educate us about the information they need to know, want to know and would find worthwhile. To view the Departmentís existing student-focused Web site visit

The winning submission will be incorporated into the Departmentís existing Web site design to be deployed in 2010. Entries must be submitted via CD and include the name of the student, the studentís high school name and address, the teacher or advisor who assisted in the project and the name of the school district. Submissions must be postmarked by November 20, 2009 and sent to:

The Florida Department of Education
325 West Gaines Street, Suite 1524
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-1544

The Florida Department of Education is a state agency that provides information viewed by thousands of users worldwide. As such, any submissions must conform to state guidelines for accessibility, and the following contest rules are outlined:

  1. No tables are to be used for layout purposes.
  2. The site may not use FLASH, or other types of animation.
  3. Font sizes must be made adjustable according to the end-userís needs.
  4. The submitted site must adhere to the accessibility requirements set forth in Section 508 (Resources: and
  5. Winning entry submission may be adjusted according to Departmentís specific needs (Resource:
  6. Cascading style sheets (CSS) should be used to address layout and other design elements (Resources: or