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Access Task Force
Accountability, Research & Measurement
ACT & SAT Reports
Adult Education
African Amer. Task Force
Air Indoor Resources
Annual School Report Card
Apprenticeship - Apprenticeship (On-the-Job Training)
Articulation Coord. Comm.
Assistance Plus for Low Performing Schools


Bid List
Blind Services
Blind Services Communications
Board of Governors
Bright Futures - Bright Futures Scholarships


Career and Adult Education
Chief Financial Officer
Choices Planner
Class Size Reduction Amendment
Code of Ethics (PDF)
College & University Data (State University System, Board of Governors)
College Board Florida Partnership
College Entrance Exam, SAT
Colleges & Universities (State University System, Board of Governors)
Colleges & Universities - Distance Learning (State University System, Board of Governors)
Commissioner's Biography
Community College Factbooks
Community Colleges - Chancellor, Community Colleges
Comprehensive English Language Learning Assessment (CELLA)
Contact Information
Continuing Workforce Ed.
Coordinated School Health Program
Council for Ed.Policy Research & Improvement (CEPRI)
Curriculum and Instruction
Curriculum Frameworks - Adult Education
Curriculum Frameworks, Career & Technical Education


Dale Hickam Excellent Teaching Program
Data & Reports
Departments & Offices
Directories of Educational Bodies
Directory of Offices and Programs by Function
Discipline Against Educator Licenses
District Data
District Web sites
DOE Staff Phone Directory


Education Information and Accountability Svc. (EIAS)
Education Practices Commission
Educational Facilities
Educational Technology
Educator Certification
Educator Certification - Adding a Subject Coverage to a Temporary Certificate
Educator Code of Ethics
Emergency Management
Employment Opportunities
Equal Educational Opportunity
Evaluation and Reporting
Exceptional Education and Student Services
Existing Facilities Safety and 69A-58


FCAT - Briefing Book (PDF)
FCAT - Results, All Years
FCAT Explorer
FCAT Scores
FELE - Florida Educational Leadership Exam (FELE)
FETPIP - Florida Education & Training Placement Info. (FETPIP)
Financial Aid
FL Board of Governors
Florida Colleges
Florida Counseling for Future Education Handbook (PDF)
Florida Course Code Directory
Florida Education Foundation
Florida Education Standards Commission (ESC)
Florida Holocaust Museum
Florida Information Resource Network (FIRN)
Florida Knowledge Network
Florida Mentoring Partnership
Florida Prepaid College Board
Florida School Laws
Florida School Recognition
Florida Trend's NEXT Magazine
Florida Virtual School
Food and Nutrition
FSE Commission
FTCE - Florida Teacher Certification Examination (FTCE)
Funding and Financial Reporting
Funding and Financial Reporting - Budget Information
Funding and Financial Reporting -Student Enrollment (FTE)


Governmental Relations
Graduation Requirements
Grants Management


Healthy Schools
High School Feedback Report
High School Reform Task Force
Holocaust Task Force - Holocaust Education Web Site
Home Education
HS Graduates (PDF)


Independent Coll. & Univ.
Inspector General
Instruction & Innovation
Instructional Materials
Instructional Technology
Instructional Television


Just For Teachers


K-12 Public Schools Memos
K-20 Education Data Warehouse
Korean War Veteran High School Diploma


Lab Cleanout
Leadership Team
Library Media Services
Lottery Dollars at Work for Education (PDF)


Math and Science
McKay Scholarships for Students with Disabilities
Meeting Archives (State Board)
Meeting Schedules (State Board)
Middle Grades Reform
Middle School Educator's Toolkit
Misconduct / Complaints
Multicultural Student Language Education - Multicultural Student Language Education - OMSLE


News Releases
Next Generation Sunshine State Standards
No Child Left Behind


Paper Reduction Task Force
Paperless Communications
Performance on CPT
Physical Education
Private School Directory
Private Schools
Professional Practices
Public Broadcasting
Public Schools


Race to the Top Grant
Ready To Work
Return on Investment


Safe Schools - Emergency Plans for Schools
Safe Schools - Safe and Drug Free Schools
Safe Schools - Safety and Security Self-Assessments
School Choice
School Code
School Grades
School Grades - School Accountability Report
School Health Program
School Improvement
School Indicators Report
School Recognition Program
Schools - Public - Directory
Senate Bill 4 Implementation
Single Sign-On Home
State Board of Education
State Board Rules - Proposed School Grading Rule
State University System/Board of Governors
Statewide Course Numbering System
Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems
Student Progression
Sunrise Skill Builders
Sunshine Connections
Sunshine State Standards
Supplemental Educational Services


Talented 20
Teach in Florida
Teacher of the Year
Teaching Strategies, Best Practices
Title I, Migrant Programs


Universities - Directory (State University System )
University Factbooks (State University System )


Virtual Schools
Visitor Information
Vocational Rehabilitation
Vocational Rehabilitation Communications
Voluntary Prekindergarten


Weekly Memo (K-12 Chancellor)
Workforce Education - GED, (General Educational Development)
Workforce Education - GED, Request a copy of your diploma and/or transcript
Workforce Education - Publications
Workforce Education - Vocational Technical Centers
Workforce Education Programs - Agricultural Education
Workforce Education Programs - Business Technology Education
Workforce Education Programs - Career Planning
Workforce Education Programs - Diversified Education
Workforce Education Programs - Family and Consumer Sciences
Workforce Education Programs - Health Science Education
Workforce Education Programs - Industrial Education
Workforce Education Programs - Marketing Education
Workforce Education Programs - Public Service Education
Workforce Education Programs - Special Needs Education
Workforce Education Programs - Technology Education
Workforce Paperless Archives