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Florida Public Virtual Schools


  1. What is the Florida Virtual School?

    Florida Virtual School (FLVS) is a public virtual middle and high school offering over 90 online courses to students in grades 6-12. Courses are free to Florida middle and high school students, to include public, charter, private, and home school students. Priority is given to students who need expanded access to courses to meet their educational goals. This includes students who:
    • are home schooled
    • attend low performing schools
    • attend rural, inner-city, or other schools that may have limited courses offerings
    • seek to obtain a high school diploma at least one semester early
  2. How are the courses and delivery system designed?

    All FLVS courses incorporate Florida’s Sunshine State Standards and are delivered over the Internet. Students have access to these courses at any time during the day. Certified teachers guide students through these courses and communicate with them on a regular basis via phone, e-mail, instant messaging, and discussion forums. A variety of Web-based, technology-based and traditional resources are used to help ensure student success with virtual learning.
  3. What courses are offered by Florida Virtual School?

    Florida Virtual School offers over 90 middle and high school courses—from general to honors courses and 11 Advanced Placement (AP) classes. In addition to the core academic areas, FLVS offers courses in foreign language, art, PE, health, business, and computer science. FLVS also offers classes in FCAT and SAT prep. In addition, FLVS offers AP review classes in the spring. The review classes are open to students taking AP classes, even if they take them at schools other than FLVS. The link for a list of FLVS courses is: FLVS Course Descriptions
  4. Are FLVS credits accepted by other schools?

    FLVS is a nationally recognized leader in delivering online education. It is fully accredited by two major agencies: The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and The Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation. All regionally-accredited schools agree to accept credits from other regionally-accredited schools. In addition, State law requires all public schools in Florida to accept FLVS credits. FLVS courses incorporate Florida’s Sunshine State Standards and have the same course numbers and descriptions as courses offered in any other public school in Florida. Thus, all successful course completions are transferable and should be accepted by other schools.
  5. Must FLVS teachers be certified in Florida?

    Yes, FLVS teachers must be certified in Florida and all 1,100+ FLVS teachers hold Florida teaching certificates in the subjects they teach. In addition, many hold advanced degrees and 113 are national board certified.
  6. What are some ways that school districts and their students may benefit from courses offered by FLVS?

    All 67 Florida school districts are affiliated with FLVS, therefore, their students may take classes from FLVS. School districts may consider FLVS as an option to assist in reducing class size, to provide courses that may not be available or practical to offer at some district schools, or to allow students to accelerate or catch up. In addition, FLVS can provide a good learning environment for students with certain medical or behavioral conditions or for those in training for athletic or performing arts endeavors.
  7. How do students register for or request courses at FLVS?

    The following Web site provides registration steps and tips for parents and students: Registration Tips. Here you will find the information needed to register, some troubleshooting pointers, and links to information on applying for admission and requesting courses.
  8. May public schools or school districts deny access to FLVS courses?

    No, Florida law provides FLVS as a school choice option for parents and students. If the course is appropriate for the student, the school or district may not deny access to the FLVS course. This is true even if the course is offered at the student’s traditional school. DPS Memo 2009-007 (PDF) addresses the latter situation.
  9. What Florida statutes address FLVS as public school choice option?

    The following link provides a list of statutes relating to FLVS as a public school choice option: FLVS Statutes In addition, the Department of Education sent out a paperless memo with questions and answers. The link is: (PDF)
  10. How can public schools, including charter schools, and non public schools affiliate with FLVS?

    It is important for all involved in a student’s education to be on the same page. Thus, FLVS has developed Memoranda of Agreement to assist in ensuring that this occurs. Links to these agreements are located at: The site also includes information about computer requirements, course lists and demonstrations, and how to track student progress at FLVS.
  11. What are “approved district franchises” of FLVS?

    In an effort to expand the online opportunities to students throughout the State, Florida school districts have the opportunity to start their own virtual schools through the Florida Virtual School Franchise Program. District teachers teach FLVS courses to students residing in their districts using the customized Learning Management System developed by FLVS. To view a listing of the approved district franchises operating in Florida school districts please visit our District Franchises Web page.

    For more information about the Florida Virtual School Franchise Program, please visit:

  12. How may I learn more about Florida Virtual School?

    To learn more about Florida Virtual School, please contact the school directly at:
    Web site:
    Telephone: (407) 513-3587