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In Case You Missed It

The St. Augustine Record: County Schools Already Using Common Core

Marcia Lane: The St. Augustine Record
August 25, 2013

In St. Johns County, Common Core State Standards aren't anything new for many of the district's school children.

"This is really the third year we've been doing it," Superintendent Joe Joyner said. "We started in kindergarten-first grade, and now it's touching all grades."

In 2010, the state adopted Common Core State Standards for English language arts and mathematics with plans to implement them in the 2014-15 school year. St. Johns County elected to begin sooner as did a variety of other districts.

"Our performances have continued to improve. I do think (Common Core) is a contributing factor," Joyner said.

Tim Egnor, executive director for curriculum services with the district, expects having a common set of standards will make it far easier to compare student preparedness between states.

"You've got some kind of measuring stick that would be approximately equal," Egnor said. That's not the case now.

Students and parents also can expect to see less so-called "teaching to the test" (Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test).

St. Johns County officials say Common Core is about tougher standards and making students more independent.

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