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In Case You Missed It

Tampa Tribune: Common Core will better prepare Florida's students

State Sen. Legg: Common Core will better prepare Florida's students
June 14, 2013

Education policy must now, and always, be state-driven and implemented at the local level. Washington bureaucrats will never know what is best for each individual state and should not assert to know as such. As conservatives, we must stand firm against the dangers of nationalization of school curriculum and be ever vigilant to not allow infringement on our 10th Amendment rights.

That being said, it is imperative to address some confusion and misconceptions regarding the Common Core State Standards. The Common Core State Standards are the result of a state-led initiative (composed of 45 states) who came together to set foundational common standards. Together, with the review of educators, parents and content experts, the states created standards that are aligned with college and work expectations; standards that are focused and consistent.

Florida, as an education reform leader, has adopted its own rigorous standards beyond the minimum Common Core State Standards, and local districts have the authority to increase expectations for their students even further.

Maybe Washington could learn from Common Core implementation regarding other areas of government by providing reasonable standards, then getting out of the way and letting states do what they do best.

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