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In Case You Missed It

WCTV: Florida College System Brings Billions into State's Economy

Elizabeth Nickerson

March 18, 2013

Students will be getting their monies worth out of a Florida college education. The state will see a return on its investment too. The State Board of Education and the Florida College System joined forces to break down the numbers. A new study shows that Florida colleges are bringing in the big bucks into the economy.

"The investment of the Florida College System is a really smart investment not only for the student," said Randy Hanna, Chancellor for the Division of Florida Colleges. "But also for the state of Florida."

"It is fabulous news that we know that students will earn that great money once they are into their career field and we are happy to see that the data shows that as well," said Alice Maxwell, a Tallahassee Community College Representative.

An average starting salary of a Florida College graduate is more than forty thousand a year. So, a big chunk of change will be going into a student's pocket after they get their diploma.

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