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Instructional Resources


Our mission at is to improve teacher effectiveness and student achievement in reading comprehension and we do so by providing teachers across the United States with research-based reading comprehension curriculum and guidance, directly, online, for free, to be shared broadly.

Pets in the Classroom

Pets in the Classroom is an educational grants program supporting responsible pet care for school classrooms. Sponsored by the Pet Care Trust, the goal of the program is to establish healthy child-pet relationships by supporting responsible pet care in Kindergarten-8th Grade classrooms across the U.S. and Canada. The Pet Care Trust sponsors this program to help teachers purchase or maintain pets in the classroom through direct, no-hassle grants. For more information, visit Pets in the Classroom.

Algebra Nation

Algebra Nation makes learning in Florida a dynamic, multidimensional social process - inclusive, non-linear, hands-on, energizing, effective and fun. The University of Florida and Study Edge pledge to help students unlock the door to success by giving them access to some of the state's best math teachers and a host of highly effective online learning resources through unique Algebra Nation features. UF professors, master teachers and Study Edge experts have dissected the material tested on the End-of-Course exam and aligned Algebra Nation with the latest state standards. To learn more visit, and read about UF highlighting Algebra Nation.

Florida Engineering Society

Resources for K-12 Teachers

The Florida Engineering Society (FES) has created this site to bring engineering into the classroom. It is a tool for both Engineers and Educators.

Energy Efficiency

Kids can learn about energy-saving tips and help raise awareness in their communities. For more information on energy efficiency, check out these resources. is the only website focused exclusively on helping parents help their kids make the most of their school year. By providing families with expert insight, information and resources, serves to help parents set their school-age children up for year-round success in school.

Professional Development Portal

A PD portal for exceptional student educators has been created to enhance the education of students with disabilities in Florida. Information on all state and regional training events offered by the Bureau of Exceptional Education and Student Services (BEESS) discretionary projects, including an event description and contact person, can be accessed from the portal.


Florida Public Learning Media

PBS Learning Media provides easy, instant access to thousands of classroom-ready, digital resources including videos and interactives perfect for the Interactive Whiteboard, plus audio and photos, and even in-depth lesson plans. You can search, save, and share with ease and as always - it is FREE!

PBS Teacher Line

PBS TeacherLine's high quality, standards-based graduate-level courses offer teachers the professional development opportunities they need in an accessible online format that makes learning fun, flexible and collaborative. You can earn graduate credit, PDPs, or CEUs while gaining strategies and resources to bring directly to your classroom.


C-Span has a free resource for teachers to use in the classroom. they also offer a video library containing over 170,000 hours of shareable video that has aired on C-SPAN since 1987. Visit the following link to view the video library website.

Just Read, Florida! Recommended Reading Lists


CPALMS is a state wide infrastructure project to build information systems and tools to support the implementation of the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (NGSSS). The project is led by the Florida Center for Research in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (FCR-STEM) at Florida State University (FSU). CPALMS is collaboration between K-12 teachers, researchers, the Florida Department of Education, universities, district curriculum specialists, and many others.

Florida Virtual Curriculum Marketplace

The Florida Department of Education, in partnership with, has created the Florida VCM, an open repository of free and fee-based educational resources. The Florida VCM helps teachers use a single login to find, organize, use, and assign educational content. Learn all about the FVCM through this eight part webinar. offers free, interactive resources online featuring Latin & Greek root-based activities at grade levels. Includes ESL/LEP/ELL lesson plans with audio, 390 word lists for required reading, daily puzzles, SAT and ACT test prep and assessment, worksheets, and 80+ calendar/themed content features. Vocabulary from 135 novels, with additional word puzzles, assist teachers and students. All features are printable and answers can be emailed. Also, read our monthly newsletters at

Lesson Corner

Lesson Corner provides a large searchable database of lesson plans for teachers and tools for creating worksheets for use in their classrooms.

SummerReads: accessible and engaging texts for summer reading

Help your students avoid the “summer slump”. The SummerReads project offers free, engaging texts for at-risk readers.


ScienceMathMaster is a professional development for high school Biology and Geometry teachers composed of face-to-face professional development workshops and online science and math resources for teachers, including modules, videos, coursework examples, demonstration and curriculum tools. SM2 is sponsored by the Florida Department of Education and brought to you by The University of Tampa in partnership with the Florida Independent College Fund. The new Equipment Locker, along with other online tools developed by SM2, will be used by teachers across the Sunshine State to improve classroom practices, offering students increased enrichment to boost achievement in Biology and Geometry. The Equipment Locker will serve as a virtual resource center for teachers to access lesson plans, activities and tools that will expand and enrich the learning experience of Florida's students. The Equipment Locker is just one piece of the SM2 initiative geared toward providing professional development to teachers in a free, easily accessible, online format available at any time.

For news and updates about SM2, follow the Florida Independent College Fund on Twitter: @FICF4HigherEd

Schools Sign Up Today! Free Elementary Program to Promote Math & Money Skills

What's on the Menu? Financial Education for Families, Florida's popular and FREE program to help teach elementary students how math and money go hand and hand is back! Volunteer USA Foundation is expanding the financial education program which targets 3rd-5th grade students and their families, strengthening the connection between classroom and home learning. It is offered on first-come, first-served basis so be sure to sign up early!

What's on the Menu? provides a skilled trainer to guide a family-friendly math and money workshop at your school:

  • Moms, dads, even grandparents (plus the kids) enjoy an evening of math and money activities and games.
  • Restaurant-themed event uses fundamental math skills to teach basics of banking, budgeting and saving.
  • Families receive an activity kit filled with measuring cups, multiplication cards, restaurant tabs etc., to practice their skills at home.

Plus, we provide free teaching materials to educators to help make your job easier!

  • Downloadable lesson plans, worksheets, classroom posters and more
  • Materials focus on 4 core math skills: addition, subtraction, multiplication & division

Email to sign up your school.

Free Teacher Resources: Includes downloadable lesson plans, classroom poster, worksheets and more.

eco-Volunteer Science Program Lesson Plans

Thanks to a grant from the Walmart Foundation, Volunteer USA announces a unique science-focused education course for middle school students in Florida. The “green” program is tailored for middle school students to promote an interest in science and to inspire the spirit of volunteerism in state parks. Partners include the Florida Parks Service, Friends of Florida State Park and the Department of Education. Below are links to the FREE eco-VolunteerUSA program lesson plans.

To register for free classroom or home school materials, including lesson plans and posters, teachers should e-mail

Access Courses for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities

Access Courses to support the teaching and learning of Access Points for Math and Science are now available! - The Department of Education has developed 26 new K-12 mathematics and science courses for exceptional education students with significant cognitive disabilities instructed in the Access Points. Please visit to view these Access Courses and links to related instructional resources.

Steps to Find Access Courses

Click on the "Course Description" menu link.
You can then retrieve Access Course information in two ways:


Select "Exceptional Student Education" for the section Select the grade group of your choice (e.g. Elementary)
Select the subject (e.g. Academic-Subject Areas)
Select an Access Course from the list or drop down.
(The new Access Courses have the word "access" in their title.)


Keyword Search

You can search for all the new Access Courses simply by typing the word "access" as a keyword and selecting "Submit"
Click or copy and paste this link into your browser for an example of an Access Course:

The Most Recent Curriculum Newsletter Now Available

The Bureau of Curriculum and Instruction (BCI) includes the offices of Healthy Schools, Humanities, Instructional Materials, Library Media Services, and Mathematics & Science. This bureau’s mission is to provide leadership, coordination, and technical assistance for implementing legislation, State Board of Education policy and rule, and Department initiatives pertaining to curriculum and instruction for Florida students and teachers. In light of that goal, BCI is now publishing a monthly newsletter. To view the most recent BCI newsletter and catch-up with curriculum news, visit Bureau of Curriculum and Instruction.

In the Grass, On the Reef

WFSU has created a blog called “In the Grass, On the Reef” featuring two marine biologists from FSU Coastal and Marine Lab as well as artists and musicians who work in and around the Gulf of Mexico. Oil is moving towards our shores and marshes; this blog is our attempt to document why this ecosystem is so important. The latest blog entry comes from a nature photographer John Spohrer. To access this blog and video visit WFSU: In the Grass, On the Reef - Conversation with nature photographer John Spohrer.

Discover Florida Aquaculture

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has developed an introductory “Discover Florida Aquaculture” multi-media program. It is available FREE to middle and high school teachers. The components of the program include a “Discover Florida Aquaculture” booklet, video, poster and stickers. The components can be viewed and ordered online at If you have any questions, please call the Bureau of Seafood and Aquaculture Marketing at (850)488-0163.

Financial Education for Families Program

It’s never too early to start teaching them about money matters.

Our Financial Education Program for Families, sponsored by SunTrust Foundation, involves parents and teachers to help kids understand the value of money and promotes wise spending and saving habits for life.

"What's on the Menu?" is geared to parents who attend a single evening, free workshop which incorporates a restaurant theme.

Part II is "What’s on the Ledger?" for teachers of 3rd-5th grade students. It offers lesson plans and worksheets aligned with math and financial literacy standards. The classroom component was created, in part, by Scholastic and is supported by the Florida Department of Education.

Florida Healthy Schools

The mission of the Office of Healthy Schools is to create supportive school environments that provide students and staff the opportunity to develop positive health related decision-making skills, leading to optimal academic success and quality of life. Staff members in our office are available to assist with health education curriculum, physical education curriculum, and the creation of healthy school teams. To access the latest edition of the Florida Healthy Schools newsletter visit Visit for more information.

Helpful Links for Educators

In the Division of Public Schools web pages, you will find information on initiatives for Curriculum, Instruction, and Student Services; Student Achievement; Virtual Education; Educator Quality; Early Learning; and much more.

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