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Dropout Prevention Publications

Quality Standards for Academic Intervention Programs (PDF, File Not Found)

Quality Standards for Academic Intervention Programs is a document developed for school districts to use to review the quality and effectiveness of current programs and plan for future program development, implementation, and instructions. This document represents practitioners’ best thinking about what comprises a quality dropout prevention program, rather than focusing on compliance and minimum standards. The Department encourages practitioners to assess the quality of their programs and to adapt the Quality Standards for Academic Intervention Programs to best suit their own needs and program priorities.

Technical Assistance Papers

Implementation of Attendance Requirements for Minors to maintain their Driving Privilege (PDF, File Not Found) is a technical assistance paper (TAP) that provides information to school personnel who implement the attendance related proceedings and district technical staff who provide information to Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV). Students must attend school in order to obtain and maintain driving privileges. The Dropout Prevention office collaborates with DHSMV to provide technical assistance and training to schools for implementation of this requirement.

Performance-Based Exit Option

Exit Interview Forms

Annual Reports