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Reinstatement of a Professional Certificate

Effective with Applications Received January 7, 2003, and After

Requirements for Reinstatement:

Frequently Asked Reinstatement Questions:

Registering for and Taking the Appropriate Test(s)

  1. Which test(s) do I take to reinstate my certificate?
    Only certain subjects which are currently issued or correspond to subjects currently issued may be reinstated. The Reinstatement: Eligible Subjects chart provides a list of subjects which may be reinstated and the appropriate Florida subject area exam to take for reinstatement of each of those subjects. This chart is provided for general informational purposes only, and the Bureau of Educator Certification will officially advise you in writing what test to take when you submit your complete application.

  2. Are there time limits for passing the test to reinstate my certificate?
    Yes. The passing score on the subject area examination must be earned within the five-year period preceding the date you apply for reinstatement or during the validity period of the application (the same as the credit earned). The application for reinstatement is valid for one year from the date it is received in the Bureau of Educator Certification.

  3. I took a subject area test a few years ago while my expired certificate was still valid. May I use that test for reinstatement?
    A subject area test used to add a subject to the expired Professional Certificate may not be used for reinstatement. The Bureau of Educator Certification will advise you in writing what requirements you need to complete for reinstatement. Any examinations and/or credit reflected in your file at the time we review it will be taken into consideration and applied to your fullest advantage in accordance with current rules.

  4. Where can I find information about registration and study materials?
    You may find all information about registration (dates, times, places and fees), study materials (guides, examination descriptions and complete lists of competencies and skills for each test), and contact information for the Assessment Center online at

  5. My subject area is not listed in the "Reinstatement: Eligible Subjects" chart. Can I reinstate?
    Some additional subject areas that are not shown on the Reinstatement: Eligible Subjects chart can be reinstated, others cannot be reinstated.

    Subjects that are currently issued by the Bureau but for which a subject area test has not been developed may be reinstated. For the subjects listed below, an expired certificate may be reinstated in one or more of these subject areas by completing the credit and fingerprint requirements for reinstatement.

      Foreign Languages of Chinese, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Russian
      Administration of Adult Education
      Local Director of Vocational Education
      School Social Worker
      School Principal

    Career education subjects (sometimes called occupational or nondegreed vocational subjects) cannot be reinstated on a state-issued certificate, but are now shown on certificates issued by Florida public school districts.

    Subjects which have no related area of current certification can not be reinstated. Contact the Bureau of Educator Certification for confirmation of your eligibility to reinstate.

  6. My expired certificate also showed an endorsement. Can I reinstate an endorsement?
    Endorsements (such as Gifted, ESOL, Driver Education, etc.) will be reinstated on a certificate when you reinstate at least one subject coverage. If an endorsement is required to ride with a specific coverage, that coverage must be reinstated for the endorsement to also be shown on the reinstated certificate.

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