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Reinstatement of a Professional Certificate

Effective with Applications Received January 7, 2003, and After

Requirements for Reinstatement:

Frequently Asked Reinstatement Questions:

College Courses Appropriate for Reinstatement

  1. What college courses are acceptable for reinstatement?
    College credit for reinstatement may be taken in any of the following categories:
    General Training:
    at risk students
    building self esteem
    child abuse and neglect
    child development
    classroom management
    collaboration techniques dealing with families, school, or social services
    content courses in economics, English, math, science, social science, foreign languages, the arts, and humanities
    cooperative learning strategies
    critical thinking skills
    curriculum design and development
    drug or substance abuse
    effective teacher training
    evaluation or assessment techniques for students, programs, materials, and processes
    exceptional student education training
    first aid, health and safety
    global economy
    informal evaluation techniques
    integration of curriculum
    learning strategies
    library services for special populations
    multicultural education
    problem solving skills
    school and community relations
    skill building techniques
    social services training
    special needs of students
    strategies for teaching LEP students
    teaching and testing performance outcomes
    team building techniques
    research of effective school design and development
    working with young children and families
    School Administration Accountability: Vocational and Adult Education Accountability:
    instructional design
    leadership skills
    school and community relations
    school facilities
    school law
    school organization
    school finance
    adult learning
    principles of adult education
    principles of vocational education
    vocational education for special needs students
    vocational guidance

  2. Is there a time frame for completing the courses?
    Yes. College credit or inservice points completed for reinstatement must be earned within the five year period immediately preceding the date you apply for reinstatement and/or while the application for reinstatement is valid. A reinstatement application is valid for one year from the date it is received in the Bureau of Educator Certification.

  3. Where can I take courses?
    College credits may be earned from any accredited or approved college/university (Word) or you may earn Master Inservice Plan points through a Florida school district. 120 MIP points are equivalent to 6 semester hours of college credit. Distance learning courses are acceptable, as long as they are earned from an accredited or approved institution in the appropriate category(ies) of credit.

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