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  July 2014
Date Event
9-11 ACCESS Project Train the Trainer - Florida Standards' Access Points for Students with a Significant Cognitive Disabilities, Orlando, Randy LaRusso, 321-242-6400, ext. 5715
14-15 State Advisory Committee for the Education of Exceptional Students (SAC), Tallahassee, Tonya Milton, 850-245-0475
16-18 One Goal Summer Conference, Building the Future Together "Putting Families and Children First," Tampa, Carole West, 850-245-2475
17-18 Working with the Experts for Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists: Bal-A-Vis-X (Balance/Auditory/Vision Exercises), Clearwater, Peg Sullivan, 239-590-7748

  August 2014
Date Event
2-5 Educational Interpreter Training - Statewide Manual, Jacksonville, Shannon Simon, 904-829-1899

  September 2014
Date Event
8 Florida Association of Student Services Administrators, St. Petersburg, Heather Diamond, 850-245-7851
9-11 Administrators' Management Meeting, St. Petersburg, Tonya Milton, 850-245-0475
13 Educational Interpreter Project Training, Statewide, Orlando, Shannon Simon, 904-620-1386
25-26 Schools and Medicaid: A Dynamic Partnership, Orlando, Anne Glass, 850-245-7538
27 Educational Interpreter Project Training, Statewide, Orlando, Shannon Simon, 904-620-1386

  October 2014
Date Event
23-24 Florida Association of School Social Workers Annual Conference, Deerfield Beach, Heather Diamond, 850-245-7851
23-25 Florida School Counselor Association Annual Conference, Orlando, Heather Diamond, 850-245-7851
29-30 New Directors' Meeting, Tallahassee, Tonya Milton, 850-245-0475

  November 2014
Date Event
5-8 Florida Association of School Psychologists Annual Conference, Sarasota, Heather Diamond, 850-245-7851

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