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FL WIN: Florida Language and Writing Instruction Network

Professional Development Resources

Grades 6 - 12

  1. “Stray from the Conventional Wisdom”: An excellent instructional module for teachers on teaching grammar to enrich and enhance student writing.
    • Based on the work of Constance Weaver and Jeff Anderson, this excellent professional development module on the latest teaching of “grammatical structure” within the steps of the writing process illustrates for teachers the latest strategies for how grammatical choices influence not only a student’s ideas but also a student’s reinforcement of ideas through sentence structure and choices of punctuation.
  2. English Language Arts Academy for Writing (ELAA):

Grades K-5

  1. Ohio Resource Center Lesson Collection on Writing
    • K-2 Collection. This collection of lessons focuses on the writing process, informal writing and the reading-writing connection.
    • 3-5 Collection. This collection focuses upon the writing process, response to literature, informal writing and the following types of writing: letter writing, narrative writing, and informational writing.
    • Supplemental Resources on Teaching Writing. This collection focuses on professional articles, sample assessments, and Six Trait Writing perspectives.
  2. Ohio Resource Center “Bookshelf” Collection of Children’s Books with Writing Connections
    • K-2 Bookshelf Collection. This exceptional collection of children’s books with corresponding lesson ideas for talking about and teaching writing provides book reviews and summaries of about 15 acclaimed children’s books, explains each ones writing connection, and at the end of the listed texts, provides creative and practical ideas for classroom discussion and writing activities.
    • 3-5 Bookshelf Collection. These five excellent fiction and nonfiction children’s books are summarized and then tied in with writing process- themed lessons.

All Next Generation Sunshine State Standards in Reading/ Language Arts relating to these resources in writing may be accessed at