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  Bureau of Standards and Instructional Support  

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Contact Information

Bureau of Standards and Instructional Support 850-245-0423

Name Title Phone
Bureau Chief 850-245-7830
Standards & Course Development Project Manager 850-245-5153
Administrative Assistant 850-245-5129

School Libraries and Information Services 850-245-0423

Name Title Phone
Director 850-245-0758
Government Operations Consultant 850-245-0887
Program Specialist 850-245-9322
OPS Clerk 850-245-0810

Healthy Schools 850-245-0480

Name Title Phone
Director 850-245-9522
Health Education Coordinator 850-245-0978
HIV/AIDS Prevention Education Coordinator 850-245-9952
Assistant Director/Physical Education Coordinator 850-245-0813

Humanities 850-245-0423

Name Title Phone
Director 850-245-9965
Fine Arts Content Specialist 850-245-0762
Vacant Language Arts Curriculum Specialist  
Gifted Education Program Specialist 850-245-5094
Social Studies Curriculum Specialist 850-245-9323

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)

Name and E-mail Address Title Phone Number
Director, STEM Programs 850-245-0808
K-5 Mathematics and Science Education Program Specialist 850-245-7805
Mathematics Education Program Specialist 850-245-0830

Instructional Materials 850-245-0425

Name Title Phone
Vacant Director  
Instructional Materials Specialist 850-245-9931
Instructional Materials Specialist 850-245-0315