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2012-2013 Student Progression Guide

2012 Legislative Changes

S. 1002.3105, F.S., Academically Challenging Curriculum to Enhance learning (ACCEL) Options - added new language section

S. 1002.321, F.S., Digital Learning

S. 1002.37, F.S., The Florida Virtual School - added revised section

S. 1002.45, F.S., Virtual Instruction Program - added revised section

1002.455, F.S., Student Eligibility for K-12 Virtual Instruction - added revised section

S. 1003.02(1)(i), F.S., Parental Notification of Acceleration Mechanisms - revised

S. 1003.25(3), F.S., Procedures and Maintenance of Student Records

S. 1003.4156, F.S., Middle Grades Promotion General Requirements - revised

S. 1003.428, (2)(a)4., F.S., - added a special note

S. 1003.428(2)(c), F.S., Online Course Requirement - revised

S. 1003.428(4)(c), F.S., Concordant Scores by Graduation Year - revised

S. 1003.428(7)(b), F.S., Certificate of Completion - language alignment

S. 1003.428(8)(b)1, F.S., FCAT Waiver - language alignment

S. 1003.4281, F.S., Early High School Graduation - added new language section

S. 1003.429(6)(a), F.S., Assessment and Grade Point Average Requirements - language alignment

S. 1003.429(8)(d), F.S., Automatic Change to four-Year Graduation Program - revised special note

S. 1003.4295, F.S., Acceleration Courses Options

S. 1003.433, F.S., Learning Opportunities for Out-of-Country Transfer Students Needing Additional Instruction to Meet High School Graduation Requirements

S. 1003.498, F.S., School District Virtual Course Offerings

S. 1003.57, Exceptional Student Instruction

S. 1003.437, F.S., Middle and High School Grading System - revised

S.1007.235, F.S., District Interinstitutional Articulation Agreements - delete section

S. 1007.271, F.S., Dual Enrollment Programs

S. 1007.272, F.S., Dual Enrollment and Advanced Placement Instruction - deleted entire section

S. 1008.22, F.S., Statewide Assessment Program

S. 1008.25, F.S., Public School Student Progression; Remedial Instruction; Reporting Requirements

S. 1003.428, F.S., General Requirements for High School Graduation - revised

  • (6)(b)4 - language alignment
  • (7)(b)1-(7)(b)4 - language alignment