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Local Educational Technology Plan Impact

Recommended Approach to Meeting NCLB: EETT Local Educational Technology Plan Requirements

STEP 1: Formally incorporate Title II-D/EETT planning information documented in the districtís entitlement application into the districtís long-range technology plan. A formal assurance is provided by the district at the time of application which documents the expected timeline for entitlement application planning material to be incorporated.

STEP 2: Conduct a comprehensive local review of the current ed-tech plan for the district/LEA to determine if it fully addresses the District Technology Plans: Essential Components and E-Rate Plan Criteria established by the Bureau of Educational Technology.

NOTE: School districts using a local long-range technology plan component sequence and/or organization style significantly different from the sequence provided by the District Technology Plans: Essential Components and E-Rate Plan Criteria, are strongly encouraged to consider development, maintenance and incorporation of a cross-reference chart that indicates what specific sections and pages address the Department's essential plan components. Such a chart can greatly expedite the plan review and approval process.