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Program Perspectives

SCHOOL PARTICIPATION: Local school districts are responsible for establishing their own process for selection and identification of specific schools to be involved in a competitive EETT proposal. Project site selection procedures and methods will vary from district to district. Individual schools interested in being a part of an EETT proposal will need to coordinate with local school district staff. All EETT applications must be submitted under official signature of a district superintendent or authorized designee.

PARTNERSHIP PROPOSALS: A proposal submitted under the "Eligible Local Partnership" option must be designed to meet clear objectives and real educational needs. The projected contributions of each participant in the partnership should be well documented. While inclusion of at least one "High-Need LEA" is a requirement, addressing critical needs of each participant in the partnership will be essential to a successful project. Every effort should be made to establish a good balance in the allocation of funds to support achievement of the identified objectives. Proposal evaluators will play a key role in the selection of high-quality EETT proposals for funding.

FOCUS AREA IDENTIFICATION [ENTITLEMENT APPPLICATION]: The ability of a particular district to effectively address specific focus areas selected within an EETT entitlement application depends on a number of factors. Many Florida districts receive only modest awards under the formula component of the Title II-D program, so expectations must be realistic. Larger districts receive more entitlement funding than smaller districts, but they have many schools with significant technology resource and training needs to support. Ultimately, long-term success of the Enhancing Education Through Technology initiative depends on a well balanced and coordinated approach to the use of various federal, state, and local district technology program support resources. A strong local technology planning process is essential to achieving goals for the program.