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Common Core State Standards: A Social "Study Guide" for Florida

Intention of this Resource

This page was created to help social studies professionals at all levels access information and resources that will better help them integrate Common Core State Standards into the classroom. This page and the resources on it are intended to grow and change to meet the needs of teachers in the field.

Common Core State Standards - Basics

Introduction to the Standards:

Common Core State Standards for Social Studies/History (pages 59-66) (PDF).

To get a step by step guide on understanding the basics of this document, you can review: Module 1 - Reading the Standards. (PDF, 782KB)

CCSS and Course Descriptions

Chunking Standards and Benchmarks: Now that you know how to read Common Core State Standards, how can you work with them and your social studies content at the same time? Module 2 will walk you through a process called Chunking. This approach will show you how to combine CCSS and NGSSS: Module 2 - Chunking the Standards. (PDF, 392KB)

Curriculum Maps

After you have completed chunking an entire year of NGSSS and CCSS, you have created your own unique curriculum map. The curriculum maps below represent an example of how United States History, 2100310 could be chunked throughout an academic year. This is meant to serve only as an example and is not prescriptive for how to teach the courses.

  • US History 2100310 (PDF, 66KB)
  • M/J Civics 2106010 - Coming Soon!
  • World History 2109310 - Coming Soon!

Additional Resources

Thank you to all of the educational professionals and districts willing to contribute its resources to this project. If you have a resource that you feel would be helpful to other educators, please email Connie Wildeman, Social Studies Program Specialist: